Portable gamma and neutron spectrometers

For your land use, HTDS and its partners offer you a full range of portable gamma / neutron spectrometers. Field spectrometers differ from meters by their dual functionality: – Detection: Detects and quantifies the radiation present in an environment – Identification: Identifies the radioelements to know if a risk exists or if the radiation is natural.
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Documentation & Publications

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  • IdentiFINDER R300

    IdentiFINDER R300

    By combining gamma and neutron detection, IdentiFINDER R300 is an essential tool for agents responsible for detecting and identifying the presence of radioactive threats.

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  • IdentiFINDER R500

    IdentiFINDER R500

    The IdentiFINDER R500 (formerly the RadHUNTER™) is an extremely sensitive and accurate portable radionuclide gamma identification system (riid). 

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  • IdentiFINDER R400

    IdentiFINDER R400

    The R400 is a new generation instrument largely based on the original IDENTIFIER. The R400 is capable of accurately detecting, locating, measuring and identifying radionuclides that emit gamma radiation.

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  • Gamme Detective - Détecteur Portable HPGe

    Gamme Detective - Détecteur Portable HPGe


    Le detecteur et son crystal HPGe , est la solution idéale pour détecter, analyser et identifier tous les radionucléides aussi efficacement que possible.

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