Biological agents detection

Before launching a procedure for viruse, bacteria, spores or other toxins warning, first responders must identify suspect materials in the field. HTDS provides them with tools for first analysis (removal of doubt, confirmation of contamination) and sampling instruments (point or continuous), first step in the chain of analysis by conventional techniques (PCR …).

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Documentation & Publications

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  • T-COR 8

    T-COR 8

    The Tetracore T-COR 8 Real-Time PCR Thermocycler analyses potential threats for the rapid confirmatory analysis of biothreats and high-impact veterinary diseases.

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  • IBAC 2

    IBAC 2

    Flir Systems

    IBAC 2 is used to collect and detect all four classes of biological aerosol threats (spore, viral, cellular, and protein toxins) at concentrations at or below industry goals.

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  • RapidHIT ID System

    RapidHIT ID System

    Thermo Fischer

    The compact and easy-to-use applied biosystems ™ rapidhit id system is the ideal rapid dna platform for generating lab-quality forensic dna profiles from single-source samples.

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