Multi-channel potentiostats & galvanostats

Multi-channel Potentiostats / Galvanostat are used in several applications requiring a large number of simultaneous measurements: – Development and analysis of batteries – RRDE measurements requiring two synchronous potentiostats – Education: Requires several instruments at a low relative cost – Corrosion: Study of several cells in Simultaneous HTDS offers three multi-channel analyzers: CELLTEST 1470: Multichannel potentiostat (8) with high current of 4A – PARSTAT 3000 DX AC & DC analysis: Fully synchronous bi-channel potentiometer / galvanostat / EIS, suitable for RRDE measurements and for users requiring two high-quality potentiostat but with a limited budget PARSTAT TM: Potentiostat / Galvanostat / EIS can accommodate from 1 to 10 potentiostats or booster PMC 1000, PMC 2000, PMC 200 (two-channel card)

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