Lock In amplifier

The noise is inherent to any electronic assembly. But when it is about amplify low levels signals, it may cause troubles. The synchronous detection allows to extract a known frequency signal which is lost in the noise. The solution offered by HTDS allow you to measure AC signals of some nanovolts in a noise which can be 100 or 1000 times more intense.

The synchronous detection amplifier (Lock In) can be considered as a selective vectorial voltmeter/ammeter with phase detection of which the two principle functions are to measure a low signal lost in an important noise (more than 106 times the signal)and to measure accurately a AC signal.

In addition to these functions, the Lockin proposed by HTDS can be used for many applications: ADC, DAC, phase meter, spectrum analyser, noise analyser and measurer. With a dynamic reserve higher than 130 dB, modulation frequencies up to 2Mhz, modes of exclusives treatments ( double reference mode, virtual reference mode…) synchronous detection amplifiers that we propose will allow you to handle successfully your most demanding expereiences.

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