Security metal detector wands

With the facilitated international trade and exchange of goods across borders, the need for security is growing day after day. Hand held metal detectors are designed for fast and efficient daily use, to accurately detect knives, weapons, and blunt metal objects.

Security metal detectors to avoid blockages

It is an alternative and complementary tool to fixed scanners, which bring more mobility and flexibility. HTDS offers walks through metal detector wands to avoid blockages at inspection stations.

A single sweep scan on a subject’s body or on a travel bag is sufficient to detect hidden metal objects.

With high sensitivity to all metals, your teams can easily detects weapons, metal objects, in all situations, in compliance with the latest security standards :

  • Airports and boarding docks
  • Festivals and music lines
  • Door security at nightclubs
  • Crowed indoors events
  • Sporting events and stadia
  • Educational and local institutions

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