ICP spectrometer

Concerning ICP, the samples are injected in a Argon plasma (highly ionized gas current). While they are cooling, elements are emitting rays at specific wavelengths that enable qualitative and quantitative measurements. The main characteristic of this technique is the analysis speed, which makes it a perfect solution for high analytical rates, whether it is with a sequential version (element by element analysis) or a simultaneous version (analysis of all the elements during the same injection). Our ICP from the Optima series have been designed to meet all the types of analysis (routine, quality control, research). They are adapted to all the types of samples: waters, oils, loaded matrix, presence of acid such as HF (…). You just have to use the adapted configuration of sample introduction. Changing from one configuration to the other and restart the analysis only takes few minutes ! The design of our ICP makes it a robust and reliable instruments: few mobile parts, wavelength dynamic stabilization, solid detectors.
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