Vis NIR UV spectrometer

With the Lambda UV-visible NIR series, PerkinElmer positionned its range of solutions as a must have. In addition to the specifications of our instruments which make them the best spectrometers, their design flexibility makes the Lambda XXX series the uncontested leader in the physical analysis area: glass, multi coating, surface… There are a large choice of accessories (transmission, diffuse or specular reflection, fixed or variable angle, absolute or relative) combined with a comprehensive selection of detectors (PM, InGAas, PbS, integrating Sphere) making it adaptable to all applications, keeping the performance level high. These instruments are reliable and ergonomic tools for quality control (example: control of the glass according to the norm EN 410), but also a major solution for research associating versatility, flexibility and performance. For more details and an adaptation of our offer to your problem contact us.
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