X-ray scanner

Our X-ray scanner are made for airports and boarding places security. There are three types of scanner :

  • X-ray baggage scanner with different dimensions : 550 mm, 620 mm, 950 mm, 1 000 mm, 1 500 mm or 1 800 mm.
  • Hold bagage X-ray scanners as real time tomography. It can scan up to 1 800 bags per hour with fast advanced explosives detection.
  • Cargo X-ray scanner : vehicle inspection systems for cars and trucks in aeroports, ports and military infrastructure.

Discover also our metal detection portals : walk trough metal detector, electromagnetic scanner and detector for mail and parcel inspection.


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The X-ray inspection is the key area of the HTDS expertise and of its partner RAPISCAN. With thousands of installations around the world, HTDS and Rapiscan are major actors for the detection of explosives, weapons, narcotics in luggages, parcels and containers. HTDS offers a full range of Hi-Tech security equipments dedicated to airport and port professionals. HTDS is the partner of the security officers, the customs staff, the police forces to optimize the security measures in a wide diversity of environments.