HTDS is specialized in the high-technology optoelectronics. The company markets a full range of optoelectronic components and OEM used in all the application fields: Industry, Military and aerospace, Scientific and Biomedical.

Optoelectronics is a combination of classical electronic and optic technology. Present in various fields (industrial, medical, aerospace, military, car and scientific), optoelectronic is essential in today general public products as well as in specialized products.

Optoelectronic components allow its users to overstep the limits imposed by eyes. The light, visible or not , is the common reference for all the optoelectronic emitters or detector components proposed by HTDS.

The expertise of the technical and production teams we work with allows us to establish an efficient collaboration for volume supply for Industry, as well as for the management of specificl programs, with qualification and tests, for Military or Aerospace projects for example.

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