Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Control

In the pharmaceutical industry, the optimization of production processes is a major element that allows both to protect the end consumer, by ensuring the traceability of sensitive products, and to remain at the forefront of a very competitive market. HTDS offers a full range of solutions for reliable and precise controls throughout your production process.
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  • Sievers Soleil Rapid Bioburden Analyzer

    Sievers Soleil Rapid Bioburden Analyzer


    Ultrapure bioburden equivalent to conventional methods, in less than 45 minutes

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  • Process Guardian™ Raman Spectrometer

    Process Guardian™ Raman Spectrometer


    Raman measuring principleEmbedded 785 nm laserPowerful embedded processorA smart Raman spectrometer that can monitor its own health providing remote clients with status and alarmsMore accurate identification and quantification for challenging mixtures and low concentration levelsFaster measurements of dynamic reactionsTurbocharged by Tornado’s patented High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) technologyProbe options for broad range of applicationIncludes OPC UA and ModBus TCP services

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  • Sievers Eclipse Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) Platform

    Sievers Eclipse Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) Platform


    The Eclipse platform achieves automation and precision in BET assays without sacrificing compliance, reaction biochemistry, or footprint in the lab. Using embedded endotoxin standards and positive product controls (PPCs) with only <30 pipetting steps, the patented Sievers Eclipse microplate delivers automation without the complexity or expense of robotics.

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  • Friability tester FT2

    Friability tester FT2

    Measure the friability or abrasion of the tablets, whatever their size, with the ease of emptying.

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  • Smart Test 50

    Smart Test 50

    The SmartTest 50 is capable of testing virtually all tablet shapes and can easily be programmed to meet your individual testing requirements. 

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  • Disi Test 50

    Disi Test 50

    Using state-of-the-art induction heating technology, the test medium quickly reaches the required temperature within 3-5 minutes reducing unproductive waiting times to a minimum. 

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  • TOC M9 Analyzer

    TOC M9 Analyzer


    The new TOC M9 laboratory analyzer offers a measurement of sample conductivity with an analysis with results in just 2 minutes.

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