Electrochemistry is the scientific discipline that deals with the relationship between chemistry and electricity. It describes chemical phenomena coupled with reciprocal exchanges of electrical energy. Electrochemistry includes all technologies and techniques derived from its scientific work: – Electrolysis – Cells – Batteries – Electroplating In addition, electrochemistry is concerned with heterogeneous systems comprising at both ends electronic conductive materials (metal, carbon, etc.) and, between these two conductors, at least one ionic conductive material (liquid or gelled electrolyte, molten salt, etc.). HTDS offers you the tools of world leaders Princeton Applied Research and Solatron Analytical. For the choice of your instrument several elements must be taken into account: Application – EIS study, Electrodeposition study, Nanomaterial study Key Specifications – Compliance voltage/ current/ polarization, current/ voltage resolution, frequencies for EIS, impedance Our specialized engineers are there to guide you to choose your instrument according to your applications and budget-

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