Zero air generators

Our zero air generators are designed to be compliant with most chromatographs manufacturers, especially for GC-FID, NPD and FPD / THA applications. They perfectly meet the demands in terms of flow, purity and pressure suitable for these instruments . They produce ultra pure air from dry and compressed air wether it comes from a compressed air network or from an integrated compressor. ZA series for GC – FID, NPD, FPD and THA : > flow from 1.5 to 30 litres/min at 101.57 psi > CH4 rate Exists with integrated compressor from 3.5 to 18 litres/min
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In some cases, they can also be supplied with compressed air thanks to the existing newtork in your laboratory (Subject to compliance with demands).

Advantages :

> You improve the performances of your instrument thanks to the decrease of methanes (CH4). You reduces backgroud noises and improve the baseline stability and therefore you get better results reproductibility.

> Efficient and perfet to get top quality ultra pure air in your laboratory within only 30 minutes after turning on the device.