People screening and airport body scanners

Scanners offer an additional level of security, whether fixed like full body scanners, or mobile as hand held metal detectors. The technology used is that of millimeter wave imagining, which is the best on the market nowadays.

From the magnetometers, robust and cost effective, up to the backscatter X-ray scanners through our walk-through metal detectiors, HTDS offers a complete range of people screenning solutions for airport security.

To fight against security threats and be a real plus value for the everyday work of your tsa officers’ teams, our range of advanced imaging technology scanners will be essential.

You can count on the reliability of the products we offer, which already equip the largest airports around the world. Because having a clear and precise picture of potential metal objects that are dangerous to the health of towers is the heart of your agents’ mission, contact our team today for the safety of tomorrow’s travellers.

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