Individual dosimeters

To ensure the security of workers in the nuclear industry or persons temporarily admitted in a sensitive area, workers use individual dosimetry equipments. These tools allow the measurement of doses absorbed by a person exposed to ionizing radiation. HTDS proposes two types of dosimeters : for active dosimetry (or operational) and for passive dosimetry (or regulatory). Active or operational dosimetry : Aiming to inform the worker in real time about the dose received during a work session. Thanks to an immediate readibility and to visual and sound alarms, it enables the implementation of the ALARA principle, offering workers a way to reduce their exposure. It comes in the form of an electronic case with screen (EPD MK2, EPD N2). The collected data are periodically transmitted to the IRSN central file. Passive dosimetry : This is the regulatory dosimeter carried by the worker during a monthly or quarterly period. At the end of each period the data are transmitted to the IRSN central file. The photographique used in the past , is now replaced with reusable and more efficient systems. The thermoluminescent dosimeter enables to measure all the type of ray met in the industry and the medical area (X,?,?, neutrons) and to characterize with accuracy Hp(10) et Hp regulatory dosimetric sizes.
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