ICPMS spectrometer

The ICP MS associates the ICP technology speed with the mass spectrometry sensitivity, which makes it the highest performance inorganic measurement solution. Long confined to research laboratories, nuclear industry or semiconductor industry, the ICPMS became a predilection technique in numerous other areas nowadays : > In the mining industry to have a complete and accurate knowledge of ores, > in the environment field where norms require lower and lower quantification limits, > For scientific polices… To meet all the needs, we propose you simple quadrupole instruments for routine analysis, or the DRC (Dynamic Reaction Cell) technology enabling to avoid interferences and reach the best quantification limits. For more details and an offer adapted to your problematic contact us.

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  • ICPMS Spectrometer NexION 2200

    ICPMS Spectrometer NexION 2200

    Perkin Elmer

    Its unique three-quadrant design, coupled with innovative and proven technologies, including the second-generation triple cone interface with OmniRing™, combine to deliver exceptional sensitivity, superior interference removal, excellent stability, unmatched matrix tolerance, and high throughput/uptime.

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  • NexION 5000 ICPMS

    NexION 5000 ICPMS

    Perkin Elmer

    The NexION® 5000 is a multi-quadrupole-based instrument innovatively designed to remove the most complex interferences in ICP-MS analysis, ideal for applications in semiconductor (SEMI S2/S8 compliant with upgrade kit), biomonitoring and other industries.

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    Perkin Elmer

    The NexION® 1000 ICP-MS is the ideal high-throughput system for routine, multi-elemental, trace-level analyses that meet regulatory standards – and that works within your budget. It features a host of proprietary technologies that combine to deliver exceptional speed and operational simplicity, making your lab more efficient than ever before.

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