Spiral air compressors

Spiral air compressors work with the rotation of a mobile spiral around a fixed spiral.The air penetrating in the motor is compressed by the mobile spiral movement and sent toward a tank. This compression process is indefinitely repeated thanks to the continuous movement. Finally, these compressors release a compressed air qualtity in compliance with the Class 0 of the ISO 8573-1 norm (2001 version). Specification of the SF series by Atlas Copco for compressed air network : – Flows from 130 to 1500 litres/min at 116.08 to 145.1 Psi (Fort higher flows consult us) – Adjustable version on demand, with a total freedom for implantation (SKID version) – Mounted on 270 to 500 litres standard tank – With ultra soundproof box on demand (PACK version) – With integrated adsorption dryer on demand (FF version) These compressors are very efficient and jolt free, perfect to supply a compressed air network or NM series high flow nitrogen generators. The list of references below is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to consult us for more information.

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