Metal detection portals

HTDS offers a comprehensive range of metal detectors type gantry designed to allow faster flow at the security checkpoints. Walk-through metal detectors proposed by HTDS offer superior performance for high security applications and are suitable for permanent installations as well as temporary ones depending on applications : airport security, security of banks, financial institutions, courthouse, entertainment venues, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, power plants and Prisons, loss prevention…

For an additional inspection, and in compliance with the latest standards of security, we provide a large range of hand held metal detectors. With a high sensitivity to all metals and rechargeable batteries, your teams will just have to push button to remove any doubt.

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  • Multi-detection system 02PN20v3

    Multi-detection system 02PN20v3


    The 02PN20v3 is a metal detection portal equipped with a thermal camera that meets international safety standards. A "human-height" display indicates the position of the weapon on the person using a set of LED indicators, while the screen displays real-time body temperature.

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  • Metal detector portal OPENGATE

    Metal detector portal OPENGATE


    The OPENGATE is an innovative Weapon Detection System designed for automatic screening of individuals, including their luggage, backpacks, and handbags, detecting metallic threats during terrorist attacks involving assault rifles or improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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  • Walk through metal detector SMD600 Plus

    Walk through metal detector SMD600 Plus


    The SMD®600 Plus is a very high sensitivity Metal Detector that also offers characteristics of high discrimination and high detection uniformity.

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