Radiometer - Contaminameter

HTDS offers a wide range of radiometers and contaminameters. Radiometers are used to measure radiations in a given space, they are generally used to detect and quantify X, beta and gamma radiation at a site – equipped with an alarm system. It is protection and detection equipment. Unit of measure: μSv/h. Contaminameters measure radioactive contamination (X, Beta and Gamma) on a given surface or in a confined space; the contaminameter (in contrast to the radiometers) is generally provided with probes (surface probe and/or scintillation probe). More sensitive than radiometers as they can give measurements in becqueral/cm². Unit of measure: cps, μSv/h, Bq/cm². The product lines offered by HTDS are designed for intensive use in all types of environments (laboratories, industrial, mining, etc). They are mostly rated IP65 and ATEX.

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