Voltage & current preamplifier

Low noise preamplifiers are used to amplify a signal at an acceptable and measurable level; but in addition to this first function, they can be used for many other functions such as adapting the impedance, increasing the sensitivity of your oscilloscopes… The analog low-noise preamplifiers proposed by HTDS (manufactured by Signal Recovery – ex EG & G) are specially designed for the most demanding measurements. Our wide range of preamplifiers (wide-band, differential, high and low impedance…) will respond optimally to your needs for amplification, impedance matching and low signal processing.

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  • Preamplifier Model 5184

    Preamplifier Model 5184

    The model 5184 is a medium input impedance, AC-coupled, voltage preamplifier which features an ultra low-noise input stage.

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  • Preamplifier Model 5185

    Preamplifier Model 5185

    The model 5185 is a wideband voltage preamplifier with a frequency response from DC to 200 MHz and switchable gain settings of x10 (20 dB) or x100 (40 dB).

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  • Preamplifier Model 5113

    Preamplifier Model 5113

    The model 5113 is a high performance, low noise voltage preamplifier with continuously adjustable gain and selectable high, low or bandpass filtering.

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