FTIR NIR spectrometer

IR spectometers are major tools for many laboratories, the IR spectrum is often being compared to chemical component fingerprints, this is a reliable and powerful technique used for identification. Major manufacturers in this field, PerkinElmer has been developing instruments for more than 50 years. Our FTIR solutions (MidlR) are suitable for all fields : teaching, pharmaceutical, polymer, research, petrochemical industry (…)


FTIR spectrometer : an instrument used in food industry

The near infrared (NIR or Pir) is currently knowing a boom as it is more and more recommended by regulation organisms as USP or EP. Already used in food industry for multiparameter analysis (chemometrics), this solution is perfectly suitable for raw material analysis as it makes fast and reliable results and doesn’t need sample preparation. For more details and an adaptation of our offer to your problem contact us.

Discover also our FTIR microscopes and imaging for microscopic observation and chemical identification of a sample.


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  • IndiScope FT-IR Milk Analyzer

    IndiScope FT-IR Milk Analyzer

    Perkin Elmer

    Best of all, its ruggedized form factor makes it perfect for less-than-ideal collection conditions, with maximum uptime and superfast results – in less than 30 seconds. And this proven FT-IR technology meets ISO, IDF, and AOAC guidance for repeatability.

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  • Spectrum 2 FTIR spectrometer

    Spectrum 2 FTIR spectrometer

    Spectrum 2 is the first performing an FTIR incorporating the latest innovations from PerkinElmer. It is also characterized by its very low frequency of maintenance, mobility, wireless internet connection, its compact design.

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  • Frontiers FTIR spectrometer

    Frontiers FTIR spectrometer

    FTIR spectrometer Frontiers is meeting the need for quality control and research. There are several spectral range, Midir standard, Near IR (NIR) and far infrared (FIR), or mixed version.

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