Traces detectors

For your security screening operations, you can count on the responsiveness of our real-time solutions, already deployed worldwide in the places that deserve the most attention when it comes to threats.

HTDS offers a full range of portable or benchtop solutions designed for trace detection. Performing on a wide range of explosives (commercial, military or plastic) and narcotics, these trace detectors are finely equipped with advanced technology which has proven itself in many fields :

  • Military applications
  • Airports and boarding platforms
  • Prisons
  • Establishments open to the public or private…

and every other places to be secured, these trace detectors ensure performance and efficiency.

Even for low levels of explosives, the range we offer will meet all our quality criteria in terms of sensitivity, speed of response and ergonomics, making us your daily ally.

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    The itemizer® 5X is able to detect a wide range of explosives and narcotics thanks to its non-radioactive ionising source and simultaneous dual-mode detection.

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  • Chemical tester MobileDetect

    Chemical tester MobileDetect


    The FREE MobileDetect App adds automated explosive and drug detection and reporting capabilities, increasing accuracy and accountability for a complete testing solution.

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  • MailSecur


    Raysecur gives you a real-time view into the contents of mail and packages. Currently mailrooms are the weak link in the security chain. But with mailsecur you use safe millimeter wave (mmWave) technology – with a sensitivity that’s 10 times greater than the mmWave tech used by the U.S. government in airports – to quickly detect packages with potential threats.

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