Chemical risks detection

Industrial accidents or terrorist acts, chemical substances represent a major threat for the populations and the military troops. They require complementary analysis solutions offering strong capacities of detection and identification, with the imperative to reconcile reactivity and precision, while privileging speed of implementation and results display.

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    Flir Systems

    Detects trace-level contamination, allowing for early deployment of counter measures and evacuation before long-term exposure causes harm or loss of life

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  • Raman portable spectrometer FirstDefender RM/RMX

    Raman portable spectrometer FirstDefender RM/RMX

    Thermo Fischer

    The rugged, compact Thermo ScientificTM GeminiTM analyzer meets the demanding requirements of first responders (elite military force and civil security), helping operators execute their mission quickly, safely and confidently.

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  • Portable FTIR spectrometer TruDefender FTXI/FTX

    Portable FTIR spectrometer TruDefender FTXI/FTX

    Thermo Fischer

    thermo scientific™ trudefender™ analyzers are rugged, handheld ftir systems for rapid identification of unknown chemicals including explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals and precursors. they bring the power of ftir directly into the hazard zone, enabling the responder to analyze—and act—faster than ever before.

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  • GRIFFIN G510

    GRIFFIN G510

    Flir Systems

    The FLIR Griffin G510 GC/MS is a versatile, person-portable chemical identifier. It complements presumptive techniques used during emergency missions, by enabling responders to analyze all phases of matter (liquid, solid, vapor) and by performing rapid field-confirmation of chemical hazards.

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