Combined Nitrogen / Air

Our combined nitrogen / air generators are perfectly designed for vector gas and FID applications. With an integrated oil free air compressor, our combined generators provide a continuous flux of ultra pure nitrogen and purified air. High purity nitrogen is produced through the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) techonology. ANG series for GC porter gas and FID : – Flow from 250 to 3000 cc/min of nitrogen at 70 psi – Flow 1.2 to 3 litres/min of air at 70 psi – Nitrogen purity at 99.9995% – Nitrogen air: THC < 0.1ppm and dew point under pressure at -70°C Advantages : – Compacts, efficient and totally autonomous, our generators are a perfect solution to supply your laboratory with ultra pure gas and air. – You get a higher security because of low pressure nitrogen production at room temperature. Therefore, you are not anymore exposed to the risks linked to the high pressure bottles or liquid nitrogen handling.
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