Avalanche photodiode

Avalanche photodiodes (APD) are usually used for single photon counting or X-ray measurement for example. HTDS offers a wide range, including a “”low cost”” version in plastic package, as well as products with preamplifier and cooler. Silicon and InGaAs APDs – References table Low noise High gain High quantum efficiency Built-in TE-cooler option Various optical input options Large Area Si-APDs – UV-Enhanced APDs – References table High quantum efficiency Low dark currents Easy coupling to scintillator crystals Immunity to electromagnetic fields Short wavelength enhanced responsivity Respecte la norme RoHS APD Si NIR 1060 nm – References table High quantum efficiency at 1060 nm Fast response time Wide operating temperature range Low capacitance Hermetically sealed packages RoHS compliant High Speed, Low Voltage APD / Low Temperature Coefficient APD – References table Optimized versions for 900 and 800 nm peak sensitivity Standard versions with 500 and 230 ìm active diameter Various package Inductance 6.8 nH Fast response, tR ~ 300 ps Low noise, in ~ 0.2 pA/IHz RoHS compliant
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