RAININ single-channel or multi-channel pipettes offer maximum flexibility. The large choice of manual and electronic pipettes, as well as the revolutionary E-Man pipette, allows you to have the ideal instrument at any time on hand for every application. Thanks to their high performance and their ergonomic properties, such as the innovative LTS LiteTouch system, they will always be suitable for all your pipetting tasks. RAININ pipettes ensure efficient pipetting operations thanks to their quality and user-friendliness. Easy to handle with precision and to clean, they are endowed with a multitude of ergonomic characteristics and performances to facilitate your work. They also have the innovative LTS LiteTouch system that handles your hands like no other pipettes, reducing pipetting force by up to 80% (also available as a standard version). Less tired hand sensation and less pain: they guarantee unmatched precision and comfort even for long hours of work. For more information and an adaptation of our proposal to your problem contact us.
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