Ambient air analyzers

The ambient air analyzers proposed by HTDS allow the analysis of NO, NO2 NOx, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S and SO2 gases in ambient air. They are major tools for the environmental policies of local authorities, public and private companies and states to monitor air pollution.
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  • Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer (NO, NOX, NO2)

    Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer (NO, NOX, NO2)

    The new Chemiluminescent NO-NO2-NOX analyzer, model AC32M, combines our 30 years of experience with its predecessors AC30M & AC31M, with an enhanced electronics package and a modular component parts design

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  • Suflur dioxide analyzer

    Suflur dioxide analyzer

    The AF22M uses the universally recognized principle of UV Fluorescence applied to the measurement of sulfur dioxide.

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  • Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The HC51M analyzer’s electrometer measures the current generated by the  ionization of the carbon atoms in the flame fueled by a hydrogen/air mixture.

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  • Carbon monoxide analyzer

    Carbon monoxide analyzer

    The NDIR GFC (Non Dispersive InfraRed Gas Filter Correlation) carbon monoxide analyzer CO12M, combines over 25 years of experience in the NDIR CO measurement with an enhanced electronics package and a modular component parts design.

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  • BTEX Analyzer

    BTEX Analyzer

    The VOC72M performs three main functions: the sampling, the GC analysis and the data processing

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  • Ozone analyzer

    Ozone analyzer

    Uses unique UV Photometry technology with a patented LED: the O342M is the first commercially certified ozone analyzer not using a mercury lamp as a source of excitation.

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  • CAirPol Analyser

    CAirPol Analyser

    The core product of Cairpol is our sensor, Cairsens, and we build several integrated solutions around it, in order to address the various needs of air quality monitoring.

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