Gas chromatography (GC)

With a selection of the best solutions from the GC gas chromatography market, HTDS provides high performance chromatography instruments as well as sample manipulation solutions, detectors, data management software, accessories and consumables for GC chromatography. Our standard and tailor-made configurations enable us to provide effective solutions for applications in the environment, agri-food, forensics, petrochemistry, materials characterisation and universities. As a single point of contact for all your GC needs, HTDS can help you to create an integrated analysis solution that meets your applications.
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  • Gas chromatography 2400 System

    Gas chromatography 2400 System

    Perkin Elmer

    Designed to address the needs for remote control, simplified and sustainable operations of analytical laboratories, the PerkinElmer GC 2400™ System provides an innovative user experience with information on the go for effective and faster decision-making and advanced system capabilities for maximized productivity, thanks to reduced technology adoption costs and features supporting sustainability.

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  • Clarus 580 GC

    Clarus 580 GC

    The Clarus® 580 GC offers many of the same innovative features found in the Clarus 680 GC including an full-color touch-screen interface that features real-time signal display and eight-language support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese).

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  • The CMS5000 Monitoring System

    The CMS5000 Monitoring System

    The CMS5000 Monitoring System is a self- contained system utilizing GC (Gas Chromatograph) technology for continuous, unattended remote monitoring of air.

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  • Clarus 680 GC

    Clarus 680 GC

    The Clarus® 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that need fast analytical cycle times.

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  • Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

    Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

    Micro GC Fusion offers advanced features in a compact, lightweight chassis that is easily transportable, allowing for accurate and rapid analysis where and when it is needed.

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  • 3000 Micro GC

    3000 Micro GC

    The 3000 Micro GC Gas Analyzer is a powerful GC solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable analysis of your gas sample on-line, right at the sampling point.

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  • Clarus 590/690 GC

    Clarus 590/690 GC

    Perkin Elmer

    When the highest levels of throughput are critical to your operations, choose the Clarus 690 gas chromatograph. Designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories in Food, Environmental, Petrochemical or Pharmaceutical industries that need to increase analytical cycle times, it provides superior sensitivity, capacity, and throughput – with the flexibility to handle more. Our industry-leading portfolio of TurboMatrix™ options includes headspace (HS), manual and automated thermal desorption (TD, ATD) and MultiPrep Autosampler solutions.

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