Preparative Liquid Chromatography (Prep LC)

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  • LC Prep AutoPurification System

    LC Prep AutoPurification System


    Preparative-scale chromatography is critical in applications where compounds must be synthesized, identified, isolated, purified, characterized, screened, and tested. Waters AutoPurification Systems offer scalable prep configurations, whether you want the specificity of mass-directed purification or inclusiveness of a UV system

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  • LC Prep 150 System

    LC Prep 150 System


    The LC Prep 150 System is the perfect fit-for-purpose solution for the rapid isolation and collection of your valuable complex samples with complete confidence.

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Preparative Liquid Chromatography (Prep LC) is a sophisticated method designed for isolating and purifying chemical compounds on a large scale. Tailored to meet the increasing demands of laboratories and industries in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and biotechnology, Prep LC offers efficient separation of complex mixtures at a preparative scale.

With its large chromatography columns and high-pressure pumping systems, preparative liquid chromatography enables fast and precise purification of substances while ensuring high recovery of target compounds. This versatile technique can be utilized to isolate a wide range of compounds, including natural products, peptides, proteins, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic chemicals.

Our preparative liquid chromatography solutions are designed to address your specific purification needs, whether it’s gram to ton scale quantities. With customizable system options and a comprehensive range of accessories, we can assist you in optimizing your purification processes to achieve high-quality results efficiently and cost-effectively.