Electrochemical Scanning Station

The Versascan is a unique nano-displacement platform capable of bringing spatial resolution to your electrochemical and material analysis. Traditional electrochemical methods can not analyze localized reactions (nanometric scale) and mean the exchanges of ions on surfaces are larger or smaller, which does not allow a global understanding of exchanges in the system studied (non-homogeneous sample …). The Versascan was designed to provide a tool to answer these new problems. The main features of the Versascan platform are: • Antivibration table • Positioning system: 50nm resolution, 100mm amplitude • Ethernet interface between the elements The Versascan is available alone or configured with various techniques of local electrochemical analysis. VS-SECM: Electrochemical Scanning Microscopy (SECM) VS-SEVT: Vibrating electrode scanning (SVET) VS-SKP: Probe Sweep (SKP) VS-LEIS: Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS) VS – SDS: Falling Drop Sweep System (SDS) VS-OSP: Surface Optical Topography (OSP) Each of these techniques, whose central element is Versascan, uses different sensors and measurement systems. HTDS and Princeton Applied Research install and train your teams directly in your laboratory on all the elements or techniques chosen.
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