The acronym RT-PCR stands for Reverse Transcriptase PCR, ie a PCR after an inverse transcription of a ribonucleic acid (RNA) in complementary DNA (cDNA). In reality, the RT-PCR is a ‘classical”” PCR realized on a complementary DNA (or cDNA). The RT-PCR has been developed to use the RNA as an amplification matrix of the PCR. It is certainly the most sensible method to detect (and possibly quantify, qRT-PCR) messengers RNA at the level of an organ, a tissue or a cell , on the occasion of gene expression studies. Applied Biosystems , High Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kit : This product (kit) contains all the necessary reactifs for quantitative conversion of total RNA in cDNA (1strand) in reaction volumes of 20 µL. Dynamic range: 10ng-2µg ARN Total. > Included in the kit : MultiscribeTM Reverse Transcriptase, dNTPs (100mM), 10X random hexamers, 10X buffers RT, Rnase Inhibitor (optional), etc. > Available sizes : 200 / 1000 reactions, with/without RNA Inhibitor. To receive more informations on these products, please make contact with your HTDS local representant in Algeria and Tunisia.
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  • 12 Plex QuantStudio RT-PCR

    12 Plex QuantStudio RT-PCR

    The 12 Plex QuantStudio RT-PCR combines the skills of flexible debit with simplified workflow, for performing targeted discoveries by the confirmation and the screening, all on a single platform.

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  • 7500 Real-Time PCR

    7500 Real-Time PCR

    The 7500 is a system of high quality real-time PCR and provides a powerful platform for analysis, providing high performance.

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