PCR and qPCR consumables

In addition to the instrumentation part, we also offer a full range of c to ensure the proper functioning of your genomic platforms. At each amplification cycle, the amount of total DNA or amplicon is measured by means of a fluorescent marker. Obtaining the complete kinetics of the polymerization reaction makes it possible to obtain an absolute quantification of the initial amount of target or relative DNA (relative to other targets). The real-time PCR technique is used in a multitude of applications: development of primers, quantification (gene expression), detection of point mutations, assay of GMOs in products for human consumption, specific detection and sensitive pathogens of veterinary interest – quantification of bacterial, viral or parasitic load, etc … Just like the range of thermocyclers, we represent the Thermo Scientific brand for real-time PCR instruments. Plastic Consumables: Tubes, plate, caps, adhesives …
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