Hardness testing

Often associated to length and diameter measurements, hardness test consists in applying pressure on the tablet until its breaking point.There are two methods: at constant speed or at constant force; but even if these two methods are described in materia medica, their results are different and not related !That’s why we offer you a range of instrument adapted to work with both constant force and constant speed.One of the main difficulties of this test concerns the tablet shape : an oblong (oval) tablet is often hard to maintain lengthwise when a pressure is exerted. The oblong shape makes it slide. For this reason one may have to proceed several times before succeeding… On all of the devices we propose, the self-positioning will enable you to realize measurements without problem, whatever your tablet shapes.According to your speeds, we propose semi-automatic or fully automatic manual versions with weight-in included.
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  • Multi Test 50

    Multi Test 50


    The MultiTest 50 sets new standards in precision and repeatability. 

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  • Friability tester FT2

    Friability tester FT2

    Measure the friability or abrasion of the tablets, whatever their size, with the ease of emptying.

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  • Smart Test 50

    Smart Test 50

    The SmartTest 50 is capable of testing virtually all tablet shapes and can easily be programmed to meet your individual testing requirements. 

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  • Disi Test 50

    Disi Test 50

    Using state-of-the-art induction heating technology, the test medium quickly reaches the required temperature within 3-5 minutes reducing unproductive waiting times to a minimum. 

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  • Disintegration tester DT2

    Disintegration tester DT2

    Thanks to its two independent positions or supportive, accepting baskets A and B, it adapts to any type of medication, and is upgradeable to automatic detection

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