The maintenance of your devices is essential to ensure their proper functioning and optimal service life. Our services are at your disposal wherever you are and whatever your device. We offer preventive or curative maintenance.


All HTDS engineers receive regular training from our suppliers. These trainings allow our teams to know the latest technologies and to bring you interventions according to manufacturers’ specifications.

Our different maintenance contracts

The HTDS after-sales service offers a whole range of tailor-made contracts according to your needs and your means. This service contract, at the end of the one-year warranty on your instruments, ensures regular maintenance with original parts and after-sales service available as soon as possible (72 hours maximum after receipt of the demand). The qualified staff will provide you with the instrumental qualifications you need in a timely manner.


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Vous n'avez pas de contrat de maintenance avec HTDS ? Nous vous proposons des interventions spécifiques pour effectuer la maintenance de vos instruments. Veuillez remplir le formulaire ci-dessous afin que nous vous contactions au plus vite.

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