Flash points

HTDS offers a full range of flash point devices such as Pensky Martens according to ASTM D93, Abel according to IP 170, TAG according to ASTM D56 and Cleveland according to ASTM D92. HTDS also offers a range of flash points for small volumes.
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  • Mini tester SETAVAP

    Mini tester SETAVAP

    The SETAVAP 2 is a fully automatic and portable instrument for measuring the vapour pressure of hydrocarbons.

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  • Pensky-Martens 93

    Pensky-Martens 93

    SETA provide the next generation of automated precision flash point instruments.

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  • MiniFlash



    MINIFLASH is one of the best portable flashpoint testers, and combines all of the field-proven advantages of the MINIFLASH tester line with a new convenient touchscreen design. The touch-screen runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform, the analyzer offers full compatibility with network, PCs and LIMS, user access control, new flashpoint methods and additional features for standard and advanced users.

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