Fusion solution

The principle of melting is to dissolve the sample in a borate salt (also called melting) melted at high temperature. After controlled cooling in a mold, a glass disk is formed ready for XRF analysis. Fusion is mainly used in areas where samples are difficult to mineralize and where conventional techniques become long, expensive, using strong acids such as HF, or leading to incomplete mineralization. This technique allows the complete mineralization of samples such as cements and their raw materials, ores, geological samples, alloys, phosphates or fertilizers, ceramics, catalysts (…). The preparation of glass discs makes it possible to circumvent the many disadvantages of pressed pellets (interference, multiplication of calibrations, risk of breaking the pellet in the XRF, influence of mineralogy and particle size, etc.), to gain precision, to facilitate analyzes by simplifying calibrations because less interference, to respond to analytical rates with multi-station devices (4 or 6) and the ability to automate this step (contact us).

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  • LeDoser


    Malvern panalytical

    Claisse LeDoser automatic weigher is specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision. It is more than a weighing device: it is an essential instrument to achieve constant, on target results, and efficient laboratory management.

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  • LeDoser-12


    Malvern panalytical

    Claisse LeDoser-12 is a 12-position weighing instrument. It automatically weighs samples and dispenses borate flux with high precision so you get highly accurate XRF analytical results. Its three weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight and absolute weight) allow it to be seamlessly integrated in your laboratory procedures

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  • Electric fluxer TheOx

    Electric fluxer TheOx

    Malvern panalytical

    TheOx is a versatile and flexible fluxer that lets you prepare glass disks for XRF analysis as well as solutions for AA, ICP and wet chemistry analysis.

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