Explosives and narcotics detection

HTDS offers a full range of portable and benchtop solutions designed for the detection and / or identification of a wide range of explosives (commercial, military or plastic) and narcotics.

Designed to meet the highest demands in terms of trace detection and identification our solutions are ideal for military applications, airports, ports, police stations, border checkpoints, government buildings, prisons and other places to secure.

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Documentation & Publications

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  • RadHalo™ RDP and FM

    RadHalo™ RDP and FM

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Detect and identify radiation on location or from miles away with the highly-sensitive Thermo Scientific™ RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors.

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  • UVTM research mirror

    UVTM research mirror

    The UVTM research mirror allows fast and efficient inspections in vehicles that have a control post, mainly for protection of fixed installations and the fight against all kinds of trafficking.

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  • TruScreen potable spectrometer

    TruScreen potable spectrometer

    Thermo Fischer

    Raman spectroscopy, the underlying technology behind TruScreen™, is a highly selective technique well-suited for identification of chemicals

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  • INSIGHT 200

    INSIGHT 200


    INSIGHT 200 is a bench solution used in checkpoints airports, government buildings for control of liquid containments. The system allows the analysis of liquids, powders or gels in sealed containments such as glass or plastic bottles, tubes and other classic containments.

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