Atomic absorption spectrometer

PerkinElmer has always been the most innovating company in the atomic absorption area: first double beam, first Deuterium correction, first graphite oven… Today, the longitudinal Zeeman-effect correction, the transverse heating, the TTC measure, the “Total Flow” gas box remain among the instruments with the higher performance. You will find in our range the solution for your applications: mining, pharmaceutical, hospital, research, environmental…


Atomic absorption spectrometer for différent types of analysis

For your routine analysis, the flame models are simple, robust and reach excellent performances. These instruments can switch to an oven mode, a coupling with an hydride generator or a sample changer. The PinAAcle 900 series are automated flame and oven SAA, enabling to realize on the bounce several series of measures on both techniques. The graphite ovens with transverse heating and longitudinal Zeeman-effect of the PinAAcle 900 will enable you to reach unequalled performances, even on the most complex matrix: biological matrix, blood, serum, loaded matrix…

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  • PinAAcle 500

    PinAAcle 500

    Perkin Elmer

    PerkinElmer’s PinAAcle™ 500 is the world’s first completely corrosion-resistant flame atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer, designed to withstand the harshest environments and most corrosive samples.

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