Sievers Soleil Rapid Bioburden Analyzer


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Microbiology in the pharmaceutical field: Measurement of bacterial load

Ultrapure bioburden equivalent to conventional methods, in less than 45 minutes


  • Obtain near real-time bioburden data that correlates to plate counts
  • Less than 45-minute total time to result (TTR) for the first sample, and even faster for subsequent samples
  • Make fast decisions about the manufacturing process to reduce risk and increase cost savings
  • Release products with confidence and remove the bioburden testing bottleneck
  • Monitor contamination control processes within water systems, cleaning validation, environmental monitoring, raw materials, and in-process samples
  • Reduce costly waste such as discarded product and process inefficiencies
  • Perform testing in the lab or at-line throughout manufacturing (can be easily transported to different locations!)
  • Easily perform testing with only three pipetting steps (operator hands-on time <5 minutes per sample)
  • Simplified, high throughput testing for sample volumes 20-100 mL
  • Detect viable cell counts from Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, yeast, and mold
  • Distinguish between viable cells and abiotic particles using proprietary fluorescent stains and high-throughput flow cytometry to ensure accuracy and sensitivity
  • Measure not only water, but also complex samples including drug substances, culture media, plastics, and more