NDA 702 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer


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Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

Versatile and cloud-enabled elemental analyzer for Nitrogen and Protein determination according to the Dumas combustion method. Dual carrier gas: Helium and Argon.


NDA 702 Dumas elemental analyzer is the best solution for high throughput labs looking for a fast and safe analyzer with the possibility to choose between Helium and Argon as carrier gas. 

The NDA 702 is powered by the DUMASoftTM software and produces N/Protein results in just 3 to 4 minutes totally unsupervised and cloud-enabled. 
NDA 702 is dramatically faster, easier, and safer than a traditional Kjeldahl system. 

The NDA 702 is a safe analyzer that does not require aggressive chemicals or time-consuming analysis steps, just prepare your sample and walk away!