1200° Oven for Electrical Analyzes

Integrate high temperatures for your electrical characterizations


Solartron and its partners have developed this tubular oven for your electrical tests with the 1260A impedance meter and the Modulab XM MTS.


  • Compatibility: Solartron 1260A, Solartron Modulab XM, dielectric interface 1296A
  • 2 sample holders: discs & bars

Totally designed around our measuring systems, this very high precision furnace is adjustable with your Solartron instrument.
For simplicity, the access and positioning of your sample is very simple and our platinum samples allow you to carry out your tests at very high temperatures.

2 available sample holders:

- 129621A: Sample holder for discs for characterization I-V, C-V, impedance, Van Der Pauw ….

- 129621B: Different sample holders and bars for characterization I-V, C-V, impedance, Van Der Pauw, SeeBeck ..


  • Temperature range: ambient to 1200 °
  • Stability and resolution temperature: <1 ° C and 0.1 °
  • Maximum disc diameter: 20mm diameter
  • Maximum bar sample: Height 25-50mm

Product applications

  • Development of materials: oxides, electro-ceramics, super-ionic materials ...
  • Characterization of fuel cells, batteries
  • Industries: High-temperature insulation, brake system ..