12962A Room Temperature Sample Holders

A cell for materials (solid, liquid, powder)


Sample holder suitable for the study of materials.


  • For solids, liquids and powders
  • Ambient temperature
  • Two-point measurement

The sample holder 12962A has been designed for solid impedance measurements at room temperature. It consists of two parallel electrodes whose distance is adjustable by a micrometer. The sample holder uses a guard ring to increase the accuracy of your measurements by reducing current leakages at the sample edges.

In standard version the sample holder has electrodes of 20mm diameter, but two options exist:

12963A: Kit with three electrodes 10 mm, 30mm and 40mm
12964A: Adapter for powder and liquid

The sample holder is compatible with the 1296A dielectric interface, the 1260A, 1255A / B frequency response analyzers.


  • Diameter of electrodes 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm
  • Sample thickness: 0.2 mm to 25.4 mm
  • Impedance range: 1 ohm to 100 Tohms

Product applications

  • Measurement of material impedance