EnergyLab XM – The Ecochemical analyzer for energy storage

Develop, characterize and test batteries


EnergyLab XM is a potentiostat specially developed to meet all test requirements for energy storage.


  • Highest accuracy for your DC and impedance measurements
  • Auxiliary channels for simultaneous DC and EIS measurements
  • Booster up to 100A (optional) and 2A in standard
  • Measurements and fitting: R, C, L, Warburg coefficient, equivalent circuit ...

EnergyLab XM is the new Solartron Analytical solution for the study of energy systems (cells, batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors …). EnergyLab XM is designed with MODULAB XM technologies and associated with energy testing modules. Its software, the most intuitive on the market, will enable you to test, characterize and evolve your energy storage solutions.



  • Standard current: up to 2A
  • EIS analysis from 10μHz to 1MHz
  • Current / voltage resolution: 1.5pA and 1μV
  • Interconnection module with available MACCOR cyclers
  • Control and acquisition software included

Product applications

  • Characterization / development of batteries
  • Characterization / development of fuel cells
  • Characterization / development of supercapacitors
  • General Electrochemistry