Versastudio Software

Unique software for all your potentiostats


Versastudio software is designed to control your Princetton Applied Research potentiostats.


  • Compatible with Versastat and Parstat 4000
  • Version according to your needs
  • Upgradeable

It analyzes the results, prepares your reports and integrates almost all electrochemical experiments: voltammetry, corrosion, EIS, energy …

Versastudio is a free software that controls, analyses and edits for your potentiostats/ galvanostats:

• Versastat 3: Base Versastat model (current 6500mA, polarisation +/- 12V)
• Versastat 3F: Model integrating a floating mass for your cells to be connecte to their own mass
• Versastat 4: Evolution model (current 1A, active filters)
• PARSTAT 4000: Entirely integrated model (current 4A, EIS 10µHz – 5MHz, voltage compliance 48V)
• PARSTAT MC: Multichannel (8) potentiostat with a current compliance of 2A

For PARSTAT4000 and PARTSAT MC the embedded software is automatically version -500.

It allows you to implement your electrochemical measurements in a simple way with only your experimental parameters to be validated. When buying your potentiostat you must choose the version you want to use, only the acquired techniques will be accessible by the potentiostat; Thereafter you can increase the number of techniques available via updates.

Depending on your instrument some or all of the software options will be available:

Version 100 :  First DC Voltammetry Techniques

Open Circuit, Linear Scan Voltammetry, Cyclic Voltammetry (single), Cyclic Voltammetry (multiple cycles), Chronoamperometry, EIS

Version 200 : Advanced DV Voltammetry Techniques and EIS

VersaStudio 100 + Staircase Linear Scan Voltammetry, Staircase Cyclic Voltammetry (single), Chronoamperometry, Chronopotentiometry, Chronocoulometry, Fast Potential Pulses,  Fast Galvanic Pulses, Recurrent potential pulses, Recurrent galvanic pulses, Square wave voltammetry , Differential pulse voltammetry, Normal pulse voltammetry,, Reverse normal pulse voltammetry.

Version 300: DC Corrosion Techniques and EIS

Zero resistance ammeter (ZRA), Galvanic Corrosion, Cyclic Polarization, Linear Polarization, Tafel, Potentiostatic,Potentiodynamic, Galvanostatic, Galvanodynamic ,Dynamic IR, EIS

Version 400 : DC Corrosion Techniques and EIS and Advanced Voltammetry

VersaStudio 200 + VersaStudio 300

Version 450 : Energy Techniques, Voltammetry and EIS

Versastudio 200 + Constant Current      Constant Potential ,Constant Resistance , Constant Power, Multi-Vertex Scan, Current CCDPL, Power CCD, Resistance CCD     

Version 500 : Voltammetry, Corrosion, Energy and EIS

Versastudio 300 + Versastudio 450

With your PARSTAT 4000 all techniques are available.



  • Export to Excel, Word
  • Export to ZSimpWin or Zview for equivalent circuits

Product applications

  • Control of Versastat and PARSTAT4000 potentiostats
  • Voltammetry, corrosion, energy, EIS
  • Reporting
  • Free download