RDE0018 Analytical Cell

Cell for rotating electrodes


The RDE0018 cell is suitable for rotating cells, the kit includes a reference electrode (Platinum wire).


  • Suitable for rotators
  • Can be used without rotating electrodes
  • Reference electrode included

The RDE0018 has been designed for use with a rotating disk or ring electrode. The kit includes glassware, a platinum wire reference electrode and an Ag/ KCl solution. This cell is particularly suitable for use with out rotators 616A (for rotating disks) and 636A (for disks and rings).

The cell can also be used without a rotator. 


  • Reference electrode: Platinum wire and Ag / KCl solution
  • 2 cell tops: RDE0010 and K0066
  • RDE0010: 5 holes and four 14/20 standard taper ports
  • K0066: five 14/20 standard taper ports

Product applications

  • electrochemistry
  • electrochemical cells analysis
  • rotating disk and ring disk electrode analysis