Rotating Disk Electrode 616A

Rotating Disk electrode


The 616A disk electrode rotator ranges from 100turns / min to 8,000turns / min with an accuracy of 1%. It is ideal for your steady state kinetic experiments.


  • For your kinetic measurements
  • Compatible with all potentiostats
  • Front control panel
  • Wide choice of electrodes

The 616A disk electrode rotator is a very high precision rotating system with a low mass rotator. It can work with all potentiostats on the market. When the 616A is connected to a potentiostat in the Princeton Applied Research range, it can be controlled remotely via the potentiostat. But its control panel and analog inputs make it also controllable manually or via instruments from other manufacturers.

We also offer a wide range of electrodes (Platinum, gold, vitreous carbon) as well as an installation, manufacturing and polishing kit that will allow you to use the 616A at best for your EDI experiments electrodes).


  • Speed range : 100RPM to 8,000RPM
  • Speed ​​control: Closed loop, temperature compensation
  • Accuracy +/- 1%

Product applications

  • High precision corrosion measurements
  • Ultra-trace analytical determinations