Modulab PhotoEchem for your Photoelectrochemistry measurements

Combining light with electrochemical measurements


Modulab PhotoEchem is the ultimate instrument for all your measurements combining light and electrochemistry and for characterizing your solar cells.


  • Characterization from 350nm to 800nm ​​in steps of 10nm
  • BIAS white light technology for better measurement
  • Automatic decomposition of quantum efficiency and short-circuit current

Modulab XM PhotoEchem is the latest addition to the MODULAB family, providing a complete answer to all PhotoElectrochemistry experiments.

Modulab XM PhotoEchem from Solartron Analytical is preprogrammed for IPCE (or quantum efficiency) measurements required for a better characterization of your solar cells and for direct solar cell electrolysis (for solar hydrogen production) and for measurements on DSCC cells.

The Modulab PhotoEchem is designed around:

- Modulab XM PhotoEchem for measurement on DSSC
- IPCE modules to allow you to measure quantum efficiency
- Optical bench adapted: Monochromator, 20W Tungsten lamp with its controller
- Modulab software with pre-programmed calculation steps


  • New Module for Modulab XM PhotoEchem
  • Free Modulab software with IPCE techniques and DSSC characterization
  • Light source 'tunable Light Source' included
  • NIST calibration file included

Product applications

  • Characterization of solar cells
  • Study of direct aqueous electrolysis for the production of hydrogen
  • Photoelectrochemistry