1287 Electrochemical Interface

Solartron 1287A elctrochemical interface


The electrochemical interface 1287A allows a FRA to perform all the electrochemical measurements: Compliance +/- 30V, polarization +/- 14,5V, impedance> 10 GΩ


  • Software include
  • Accesoires : External booster ( 12V/20A, 24V/10A, 50V/5A, 50V/25A)

The model 1287 Electrochemical Interface is a high accuracy, wide bandwidth potentiostat/galvanostat which offers a full range of AC/DC test capabilities; when coupled with one of our frequency response analyzers it delivers outstanding AC impedance capabilities.


  • Compliance voltage +/- 14,5V
  • Compliance current 2A
  • Impedance mesurement 10µHz to 1Mhz
  • Current resolution 100pA
  • Sampling at 1µs

Product applications

  • Electrochemistry Research
  • Research on potentiometric voltametric, gas, or biological sensors
  • Corrosion : EIS, Tadel, Linear polarization resistance, Cyclic Polarization
  • Nanotechnology
  • Battery and Fuel cell