PARSTAT 3000A DX Bi-Potentiostat

A synchronous bi-potentiostat or two independent potentiostats


The PARSTAT 3000A DX high performances (Polarisation 30V, current 2A, EIS 7Mhz) make it the most versatile instrument on the market.


  • Bi-potentiostat with hardware synchronization
  • Potentiostat has 2 independent channels thanks to the floating mode
  • EIS measures on both tracks
  • Versastudio software

Princeton Applied Research brings new high-end measurement solutions to researchers. The PARSTAT 3000A DX is a bi-potentiostat with hardware synchronisation (for RRDE technique) and a double potentiostat (the two channels can be used independently on two different cells).

Its characteristics are among the most advanced on the market (impendence on each channel, 30V polarisation…) and will allow your team to have an instrument of great versatility.


  • Compliance/ polarisation: 30V
  • Current: 4nA - 2A
  • EIS: 10µHz - 7MHz
  • Auxiliary power lines 6
  • Compatible with Versastat LV (minimum range of 4pA current)

Product applications

  • 2 potentiostats in one for measurements on two independent cells
  • A Bi-potentiostat for your RRDE measurements (generator / collector experiments)