PARSTAT MC Family: Multi-channel Potentiostats/ Galvanostat/ EIS

Multi-channel potentiostat


The PARSTAT MC is the most versatile multi-channel potentiostat/ galvanostat/ EIS on the market.


  • The ultimate modular design: 1 to 32 channels (4 parallel chassis)
  • Floating mass to test several samples in a single cell
  • Modular design not neccessary return to the factory for service
  • Available options: Low-current interface, cells, booster 5A, sample holder batteries ...

The PARSTAT MC family represents an ultimate advance in the design of multi-channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat / EIS.
Designed around a new 8-channel chassis (hot-swappable, floating mode, fast acquisition…).
Princeton Applied Research offers 4 types of potentiostat compatible cards to better adapt your needs.

• PARSTAT MC 2000: For the most demanding experiments on batteries, corrosion with resistive electrolyte and electroplating.
• PARSTAT MC 1000: For experiments requiring a large current range (nanobatteries, determination of low corrosion rate,coating…)
• PARSTAT MC 1000/DC: For experiments requiring the highest accuracy and best current range without EIS
• PARSTAT MC 500: Economical solution for most standard electrochemical experiments (EIS option available)


  • 8 channel chassis, USB
  • Versastudio software included
  • PARSTAT MC 2000: Polarization +/- 30V, Current (4nA to 1A), EIS (10μHz to 7Mhz)
  • PARSTAT MC 1000 and PARSTAT MC1000 / DC: Polarization +/- 10V, Current (4nA to 2A), EIS (10μHz to 1Mhz)
  • PARSTAT MC 500: Polarization +/- 10V, Current 2μA to 500mA, EIS optional (10μHz to 1MHz)

Product applications

  • Fuel cells
  • Batteries
  • Corrosion
  • Electrochemical research