Potentiosat/ Galvanostat Apps-XM

One potentiostat per application


Get the best of all-in-all backup technolgy.


  • Designed around the best market analysis system Modulab XM
  • Fully tailored to your needs

The Solartron Modulab XM is designed to meet the vast majority of measurement requirements for electrochemistry and materials analysis laboratories (dielectric test module, electrochemistry module and photoelectrochemical modules).

With the Apps-XM family, we are able to find the Modulab XM’s qualities for laboratories with more specific needs, thus reducing the investment costs and the room on your bench. The Apps XM family is designed with Modulab modules, but only those that you need:

EnergyLab XM Potentiostat/ Galvanostat: The EnergyLab XM potentiostat allows you to perform all the electrochemical measurements and characterizations on batteries and supercapacitors and fuel cells (EIS measurements up to 1Mhz, 8V polarisation voltage, 2A polarisation current)

EchemLab XM Potentiostat/ Galvanostat: The EchemLab XM potentiostat allows you to perform the most advanced eelctrochemical analyzes such as Al/ Mg coating and anodizing, organic electroplating… (EIS measurements up to 1Mhz, polarisation voltage 100V…)

SolarLab XM Photoelectrochemical: The SolarLab XM is specially designed for your photo-electrochemical measurements (Impendance, Photovoltage Decay, Charge Extraction, I-V), it will allow you to characterize your solar cells (DSSC, perovskite cells). Delivered with its optical bench and a NIST 590nm LED, it is a turnkey system. We also propose to add other LEDs (from 420nm to 660nm) or a monochromator for more versatility.  



  • EnergyLab XM: Polarisation voltage 8V, Current 2A, EIS 10μHz to 1Mhz
  • EchemLab XM: Polarisation voltage 100V, Current A, EIS 10µHz to 1Mhz
  • SolarLab XM: Polarisation voltage 8V, Current 300mA, EIS 10μHz to 1Mhz, integrated optical bench

Product applications

  • EnergyLab XM: All measures related to the characterization and study of batteries, batteries, fuel cells ...
  • EchemLab XM: All measurements related to the study of corrosion, coating and analytical electrochemistry
  • SolarLab XM: All measurements of photoelectrochemistry